Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ancient Stabia

We were treated to a private, guided tour of Ancient Stabia by Prof. Thomas Howe, sort of an "Indiana Jones" type, complete with the hat. It was amazing to see what they've unearthed and how well it's been protected, unlike Pompeii or Ercolana. Having the story told in person by a guy who actually dug up the place is a rare experience. We enjoyed dinner with Thomas on our last night in Castellamare and walking back from the seaside ristorante in the rain, stumbled upon this tiny stand frying up graffe, which are zeppole in other regions of Italy and are the Italian version of fried dough. It seems every culture has some sort of fried dough to eat, whether it's called a donut, doughnut, funnel cake, krapfen or something else. Fresh, right out of the fat, plain or filled with creme or hazelnut/chocolate, it's easy to see why these are enjoyed the world over. Some photos from the dig site are here too. Grazie Thomas!

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