Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick trip to Naples

Heather needed to visit the Vesuvian Institute so we hopped on an AirItaly flight (how can you go wrong with a plane trimmed in the tricolore with staff featuring the same colors on their uniforms? This should be the official airline of CycleItalia!) after an early morning bus ride up to Catania. We picked up a rental car and drove down along the bay of Naples to look for apartments in case Heather decides on locating her study-abroad program here in 2013. You can see by the view of Vesuvius this will be a tough choice. We stopped for pranzo on the Sorrentine peninsula and Larry ordered...gnocchi Sorrentina. In the past this has been a goopy mess of melted mozzarella and little else - but this one was done right, with a subtle tomato taste Heather likened to pizza. We were treated to a viewing of the ruins at Stabia later, more on that next time.


  1. yup.....you've found heaven...buon divertimenti!!!

  2. ALL of Italy is heaven to us, though some places ARE more heavenly than others. Larry's glad he doesn't have to make the decision between Campania and Sicilia!