Sunday, February 26, 2012

BUONA DOMENICA from Siracusa

We always liked the song, "Buona Domenica" by Antonello Venditti and you can hear it and watch a clip by clicking on the song title. It WAS truly one of those for us this sunday: sleeping in a bit on a bright, sunny morning, then, after cappuccino and breakfast of what Heather calls "Sicilian toast" (french toast made with orange peel) a couple three hours on the bikes, passing by this ancient olive tree before returning home. The KBK pro bike race was live-streamed via the internet and while Heather prepared dinner Larry caught most of the second World Superbike race from Australia where Max "The Emperor" Biaggi came from dead-last to second place. Dinner was an antipasto salad with fresh orange and radicchio followed by a first plate of risotto with scamorza cheese, then a second plate of pork chops from the famous black pigs of Nebrodi, cooked with rosemary, along with roasted potatoes and white beans. A Principe di Corleone Cabernet paired well with all of it. Good Sunday to everyone!

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