Friday, February 17, 2012

World's Greatest Cycling Magazine now online

BICISPORT, the world's best cycling magazine, is now available on the web. It's written in Italian of course, but we can still remember the days when we paid a couple hundred bucks a year to an outfit in New England to have copies shipped over from Italy, then mail out our individual copy. While not as enjoyable (for us anyway) has having the real, printed on paper issue to page through, this is cheaper and much, much easier than flying over here each month to get one. Their other title, CicloTurismo, sort of the Bicycling Magazine of Italy (though there's lot's more about riding and less about shopping) is also available online. We signed up for three issues of CT (since we can buy BS here at the newsstand in Sicily) just to test the whole thing out - and other than some annoying scrolling issues, it's great.

1 comment:

  1. Ciao Larry - thanks for letting us know about this.
    Larry is right about these mags - nothing in English
    compares to them. But of course, they're not in

    I bought a sample issue of BS. The create account
    process was great fun: while it acknowledges you
    might live in the US, you still have to specify where
    in Italy you were born (just make it up).

    It's great to be able to check these issues out on the
    web, although as Larry says, the print edition is going
    to be better; I have a stack of BS and CT from my visits.

    Two complaints, one fixable the other not: the model
    for this is a flash app, which you can look at but
    not touch (i.e., you can't download it). So if you can't afford
    an internet connection anymore, or the publisher goes
    out of business, no more access to your issues. The
    other, fixable, problem is that the app may do weird
    things to your browser (I'm on a Mac). Scrolling stopped
    working, which Larry already alluded to, etc. Had to restart
    my browser a couple of time.

    All in all a big plus. Short of visiting Italy, these mags are
    simply not available otherwise.

    Steve F.