Monday, June 8, 2015

Breaking News.....New Jersey

Not the state in the USA with that rotund guy as governor...but a New CYCLEITALIA Jersey. YOU can have one even before WE have ours! They're in-stock at Albabici, you can get yours via this link-

while ours (we hope) will show up in time for those of you joining us for a guided tour to get one. Since we don't yet have ours the only photos are on the Albabici website (we stole the one here) but we're excited to see them after spending a long time working with the nice folks at Nalini/MOA Sport on the details of this retro-styled, but modern jersey. W CycleItalia!

Note: All guided tours include our standard green/white/red summer jersey, but clients who already have one (or more) of those will have the option of taking one of these limited-edition Nalini jerseys. They will also be available for separate purchase at the same price posted on the Albabici website.

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