Monday, April 22, 2019

CycleItalia's Great Pizza Shootout Part 12

                Who Makes the World's Best Pizza
                                          Part 12

Damn! We thought we were getting a handle on this, but now we have another contender to add to our top contenders for the prize.

Ciro a Santa Brigida is another famous pizzeria we knew we had to try, but we sort of hoped it might be over-hyped and we could cross it off the list easily.

Not so fast! This was really, really good! They're not coasting on their fame here. Zio Lorenzo thought the crust might be the perfect combination of soft doughy-ness and crispness on the edges.

All the pizze come out of this oven.

Until this visit we really, really thought we had this down to two faves, but now it's back to three with a few more still to try before the award is handed out.

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