Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How to watch a bike race on TV

Sunday was Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the last of the spring Monuments of Cycling for 2019. Regular readers might remember Zio Lorenzo went in person last year.

Once we saw the live TV images this Sunday Zio was glad it was last year!

We were in Siracusa to take care of some personal business,so we decided to go to Giro d'Italia, a place you might remember from this post.

We stopped by on our way out of town via our shopping bikes, going out for a quick ride just to get some fresh air and turn our legs over. We explained our idea and asked if they'd put the race on when we came back for lunch around 2 PM? "Ma certo!" (But of course!) was the reply. Heck, the place IS named the Giro d'Italia, how could they refuse?

We returned and ordered up some food and wine around 2 PM with the idea to keep things going as long as the race was going. Many plates of food and many glasses of wine later, we thought this could almost be the best way to watch bike racing - especially if the race is going on in Belgium in the rain!

Grazie to Giro d'Italia for their hospitality, they'd actually closed the place before race-winner Jakob Fuglsang crossed the finish line, but let us stay until the race ended.

Giro d'Italia
Salumeria con Forno e Cucina
Piazza Pancali 7/8
39 0931 1626104

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